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More than an online store, Yukata is a real jump into the Japanese culture. Through its kimonos, accessories and designs inspired by the land of the rising sun, dive into the exciting world of Japan.

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We only offer clothes with unique and original designs so that you can stand out from the crowd.


We provide you with clothing that is wearable in any season so you never leave your favorite style.


We frequently add new items to our store so you always have something new to look forward to.


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Yukata draws its inspiration from Japanese culture: the iconic kimono fascinates and inspires all over the world. Building on this foundation, we have crafted Japanese kimonos and yukata that are fashionable and wearable with modern clothing.

Yukata is a Japanese clothing store including Japanese kimonos, kimono and pants sets, kimono dresses and Japanese accessories such as caps, rings and belts.

Yukata For Men

Assert your personnality and originality with our japanese kimono and yukata. Dress up in kimono + pants for the mild seasons, and in kimono or yukata whatever the season. Indoors or in the sun, Japanese culture has no season to be highlighted. If you already wear kimonos, we have the Japanese accessories for you: caps, rings, and Japanese belts.

Yukata Women's

Yukata is the must-have yukata and kimono store if you want to upgrade your look with a traditional and japanese style. With the largest choice of women's kimono dress, beach dress, japanese kimono et accessories, you'll find the clothes and accessories you've always been searching for.

Yukata Japanese

Yukata (æµ´è¡£, literally "swimwear") is a Japanese term for a lightweight kimono worn in the summer by both men and women. Although yukata are traditionally indigo and white in color, modern yukata feature multi-colored patterns and are designed to be machine washable. They are similar to nemaki, a unisex short-sleeved robe-like garment worn by guests at traditional inns.

At Yukata, we offer a modern version of the Japanese Yukata and Kimono. We offer various designs reminiscent of Japanese culture, with motifs such as Japanese cranes, the Great Wave Off Kanagawa, or a rising sun in reference to the Japanese flag.